Great Lakes Helicopter



Bell UH-1B

Engine: 1,100 SHP T53-L-11 Lycoming

Empty weight: 4,502 #

Gross weight: 8,500 #

Lift: 3,000 #

Price: $200,000.00 to $400,000.00


Hourly operating cost: $350.00


Category: restricted


NOTES: Engine variation were 960 SHP T53-L-5 and the 1,000 SHP T53-L-9.

All B models were modified with the C model tailboom and elevators.


Versants include the UH-1C, different tailboom, 540 Main Rotor Head and blades,

UH-1M same as the UH-1C but with a 1,400 SHP T53-L-13 engine

UH-1E same as the UH-1M, USM

UH-1F same as the civil version of the 204B with a longer tailboom which has a

baggage compartment, different Main Rotor Head and Blades but with 1,260 SHP

T58-GE-8B General Electric engine


UH-1B has available STC modifications which include 1,400 SHP T53-L-13 engine,

tailboom extension, 212 42 Gearbox, utilization of the UH-1H Main Rotor Head and Blades.