Great Lakes Helicopter




Hiller UH-12E

Engine: 305 HP, VO-540-C2A

Empty weight: 1759 #

Gross weight: 3100 #

Lift: 1,000 #

Price: $50,000.00 to $109,200.00


Hourly operating Cost: $118.00


Category: normal


NOTES: Other models with less powerfull engines are the UH-12C & UH-12D with the same lifting capacity but in low altitude and low humidity areas.

A turbine modification version of the UH-12E using a Allison 250-C20B, 400 SHP is available for about $170,000.00 with a lifting capacity of 1250#,

operating cost of $150.00 per hour.


This is a truck of a helicopter and is heavy on the controls.