Great Lakes Helicopter


Sikorsky S64E (H-54A)

Engine: two 4,500 SHP JFTD12-5A (T73-P-1) Pratt & Whitney

Empty weight: 19,234 #

Gross weight: 42,000 #

Lift: 20,000 #

Price: $800,000.00 to $16,000,000.00


Hourly operating cost: $3,000.00 est.


Category: normal & restricted


NOTE: Erickson Air-Crane Inc. holds the TYPE CERTIFICATE for the S-64


Latest version is the S-64F (H-54B) with two 4,800 SHP JFTS12A-5A (T73-P-700) engine,

dual wheels on main landing gear and utilizing the Main Rotor Head, Tail Rotor Head and

Tail Rotor Blades from the Sikorsky (H-53) helicopter with a LIFT: 25,000 #