Great Lakes Helicopter



Sikorsky S-62A  (HH-52A)

Engine: 730 SHP CT58-110 (T58-GE-8B) General Electric

Empty weight: 4968 #

Gross weight: 8,300 #

Lift: 2,500 # but in practice will not outperform the S-55B

Price: $25,000.00 for a HH-52A and up to $800,000.00 for a S-62A


Hourly operating cost: $300.00 est.


Category: normal  (HH-52A restricted)


NOTES: All the dynamic components are the same as the S-55 except the lower part of the Main GearBox and the engine.


The difference between the HH-52 and the S-62 is the HH-52 has a higher empty weight and a stabilization system.