Great Lakes Helicopter



Sikorsky S-55B (H-19)

Engine: 700 HP R1300-3 Wright

Empty weight: 5,000 #

Gross weight: 7,900 #

Lift: 2,000 #

Price: $25,000.00 & up


Hourly operating cost: $300.00 est.


Category: normal & restricted


NOTES: Variations

                                S-55 (H-19C)  600 HP Pratt & Whitney engine with straight Tailboom

S-55A (H-19D5) latest version 700 HP Wright engine with droop Tailboom

when certified in normal category was known as S-55B with modification to the Tailboom.

None were ever certified in normal category by Sikorsky.

                                S-55B (H-19D) 700 HP Wright engine and straight Tailboom. Civil and military use.

                                S-55C 600 HP Pratt & Whitney engine with droop Tailboom. Civil version only.


The 600 HP Pratt & Whitney engine lasted to TBO as were the 700 HP Wright was prone to break downs.