Great Lakes Helicopter



Sikorsky CH-53D

Engine: two 3,925 SHP T64-GE-413 General Electric

Empty weight: 23,485 #

Gross weight; 42,000 #

Lift: 20,000 #

Price: $1,033,333.00 as purchased from the U.S. Marines


Hourly operating cost: $3,000.00 est.


Category: restricted


NOTES: Only one operator has purchased three CH-54D from the marines.


Manufactures model number is the S-65 offered to the public in 1975.

Five had to be sold in order to justify FAA normal category certification costs.

 Could not get five operators to commit.


Other models:

                                CH-53A with 2,850 SHP T64-GE-6 engines

                                HH-53B with 3,080 SHP T64-GE-3 engines. USAF

                                HH-53C with 3,435 SHP T64-GE-7 engines


The USAF has a higher gross weight of 50,000 # but its TBO is much lower.