Great Lakes Helicopter



Sikorsky SH-3D  (S-61B)

Engine: two 1,400 SHP  T58-GE-10 General Electric

Empty weight: 11,865 # or less depends on modifications

Gross weight: 18,625 #

Lift: 8,000 # to 11,000 #

Price: $1,500.000.00 to $8,000,000.00


Hourly operating cost: $900.00


Category: restricted


NOTES: Older version SH-3A (S-61A) 1,250 SHP T58-GE-8B.


Civil Version:         S-61N, N=Navy= amphibious (Offshore) normal category

                                 S-61L,  L=Land=long version  (commuter) normal category


Total of 4 million hours were accumulated by all the S-61 in the first 20 years (predominately by offshore operation)  

this accounts for high time before overhaul (TBO) and low operating cost.


Carson Helicopter is the main source for the purchase of the S-61, parts and information.


To get the higher lift loads the H-3 and/or S-61 fuselage has to be modified by Carson Helicopter to get the 10,000 to 11,000 pound lift.











NOTES: Carson Helicopter shortens this version to get higher lift loads.